SAIKO - With love for women


Saiko - the first Kazakhstani brand of feminine hygiene pads made using Japanese technology.

The brand offers daily, daytime, nighttime, and super nighttime pads.

The pads contain silver ions and anion strips. They have a bactericidal effect, capable of effectively destroying bacteria within minutes and preventing the appearance of unpleasant odors.

Saiko pads offer 7 levels of protection:

1. Soft and gentle material for instant absorption and a dry surface during use.

2. A unique anion layer with silver ions, containing 6100 anions per cubic centimeter and possessing therapeutic and prophylactic properties.

3. Absorbent material, ultra-soft purified cellulose.

4. Environmentally friendly SAP absorbent from Japan with unique absorbing properties that block liquid.

5. Another layer of ultra-soft purified cellulose to eliminate any possibility of leakage.

6. Outer breathable layer that allows air to pass through but retains liquid, preventing the greenhouse effect.

7. Adhesive layer ensuring secure attachment to underwear.

We stand for protection of every woman, not just making products, but also a community where uniqueness, solidarity, and freedom of expression are valued.

We recognize the beauty of diversity and support women on their journey to self-expression and goal achievement.